License Zero

sustainable software in the open

  1. 2018-02-13

    Peer Licensing Implemented

    sustainable software through licensing, simplified

  2. 2018-01-28

    A Peer Private License

    draft of developer-to-developer commercial and closed-source license

  3. 2018-01-26

    Developer Licensing

    should License Zero stay between developers?

  4. 2018-01-25

    Found Licenses

    nail seeks hammer, any hammer

  5. 2018-01-22

    Largesse Oblige

    follow the money, note where it stops

  6. 2018-01-10

    We Can Remember You For It Wholesale

    maintainers, gone from my sight

  7. 2017-12-27

    “De Minimis”

    how not to disappear completely

  8. 2017-10-16

    Mercenary Rapport

    moral blindness in open source as social media

  9. 2017-10-15

    Unsustainability at Scale

    today's tools for yesterday's problems tomorrow

  10. 2017-09-15

    A Hacker Public License

    free for open source

  11. 2017-09-13

    Open Source Accession via License Zero?

    a paved path to permissivity

  12. 2017-09-12

    The License Zero Manifesto

    sustainable software in the open