License Zero

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June 30, 2020

New Forum in public, with thanks

Conversations following last week’s post about a new direction for L0 have been exciting and informative. Too many tantalizing thoughts and new directions to list out here, even just to thank. But one of them has taken shape as, a new, public discussion forum for License Zero and what it will become.

If you’re interested in the line License Zero began to draw, with the next stage of its evolution, or with business models for independent software developers more generally, please hop on over and create an account. As always, I encourage everyone to reach out by e-mail ahead of time, too:

I’m personally looking forward to help naming the next iteration of License Zero. In conversation, it’s clear we haven’t yet hit on a succinct way to brand the new direction the project is taking. But more than that, I’m excited to see what conversations crop up between folks who’ve reached out to me, via License Zero, but haven’t yet connected to each other.