License Zero

gainful open software development

November 20, 2019

Public Roadmap a website for ongoing and upcoming efforts

I’ve published to surface more information on my current and upcoming efforts around License Zero’s websites, API, CLI, and documentation.

This remains a mostly personal roadmap for my own effort. License Zero now enjoys more users sending feedback than I can keep up with. But it’s still my firm belief that the project benefits, rather than suffers, from disciplined economy of motion.

The last thing I want to do is turn the roadmap into an object of governance politics, or to do work on the project for the sake of doing work. Limits on available time—externally imposed and self-imposed—have been key to keeping License Zero conceptually coherent so far.

License Zero’s building blocks interact with a lot of complex systems: the law, development practice, market expectations, and so on. A system interfacing with that kind of complexity can be simple or it can be bad. License Zero will be as simple as possible. But it will also change. I want to give License Zero developers as much comfort as I can that change is a conscious process, with broad opportunity to feed back.