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January 26, 2020

Dirk Riehle on Single-Vendor Open Source Firms FAU's professor for open source is interviewing successful firms

This talk by Dirk Riehle, Professor for Open Source at FAU, provides an excellent vocabulary and introduction to dual licensing and open core business models. Professor Riehle also mentions that his research group is working to publish a “playbook” for those business models, based on interviews with successful firms, in 2020.

In a blog post that’s now over ten years old, Professor Riehle named what he called “the intellectual property rights imperative of single-vendor commercial open source”:

Always act in such a way that you, and only you, possess the right to provide the open source project under a license of your choice.

Succinct. Clear. Well researched.

Professor Riehle is definitely someone to watch. He blogs at and tweets, God help him, from @dirkriehle.