License Zero

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November 5, 2019

Prosperity 3.0.0-pre.1 bringing Prosperity up to par with Parity

I’ve begun redrafting License Zero’s noncommercial-license option, the Prosperity Public License, to mirror recent style and substance improvements to Parity 7.

Prosperity 3 can also build on cutting-edge work on noncommercial terms in Polyform Project’s Noncommercial and Free Trial terms.

As always, work continues in the GitHub repo.

The Prosperity Public License 3.0.0-pre.1

Contributor: $name

Source Code: $address


This license allows you to use and share this software for noncommercial purposes for free, and to try this software for commercial purposes for 32 days.


In order to receive this license, you have to agree to its rules. Those rules are both obligations under that agreement and conditions to your license. Don’t do anything with this software that triggers a rule you can’t or won’t follow.


Make sure everyone who gets a copy of any part of this software from you, with or without changes, also gets the text of this license and the contributor and source code lines above.

Commercial Trial

Limit your use of this software for any commercial purpose to a trial period of 32 consecutive calendar days.

Personal Uses

Personal use for research, experiment, and testing for the benefit of public knowledge, personal study, private entertainment, hobby projects, amateur pursuits, or religious observance, without any anticipated commercial application, does not count as use for a commercial purpose.

Noncommercial Organizations

Use by any charitable organization, educational institution, public research organization, public safety or health organization, environmental protection organization, or government institution does not count as use for a noncommercial purpose regardless of the source of funding or obligations resulting from the funding.

Contributions Back

You don’t have to limit your use of this software for developing feedback, changes, or additions that you contribute back to the contributor.


You’re excused for unknowingly breaking Notices if you take all practical steps to comply within thirty days of learning you broke the rule.


Don’t make any legal claim against anyone accusing this software, with or without changes, alone or with other technology, of infringing any patent.

The contributor licenses you to do everything with this software that would otherwise infringe their copyright in it.


The contributor licenses you to do everything with this software that would otherwise infringe any patents they can license or become able to license.


The contributor can’t revoke this license.

No Liability

As far as the law allows, this software comes as is, without any warranty or condition, and the contributor won’t be liable to anyone for any damages related to this software or this license, under any kind of legal claim.